twisted, toxic dolphin CNFTs

(On Cardano, obviously)

It’s the near future, in a galaxy not far away, and the oceans are dying. Humanity’s discarded trash, chemical runoff, and collective waste have all flowed into earth’s warming oceans, altering undersea evolution forever.

In these dark waters and dark times, a new pod of creatures has emerged: Cardolphins. Their styles and mutations reflect the trash-filled oceans in which they live.

It’s sink or swim in these toxic tides. The fate of our oceans—and our planet—lies in the fins of the Cardolphins.

We put saving real dolphins into our royalty structure

For every Cardolphins CNFT minted, we're donating 5 ADA to Dolphin Project, the world's leading dolphin non-profit, featured in the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove, and Seaspiracy. They will also receive a 1% royalty on every secondary sale, forever.

The Roadmap

We're going to let our community guide our roadmap. But along with inevitable airdrops and some other usual stuff, this is what we're hoping to accomplish.

The Mint:
Early March, 2022

We’re offering a 1,000-person Whitelist for members of The Dolphamilia who have been with us from the beginning and/or are really active in our Discord. Every wallet address on our Whitelist will be able to mint 1 Cardolphin starting 2 hours before our mint opens to everyone else. Our mint will stay open until we sell out.

Muralize Your Cardolphins

Everyone who mints a Cardolphin will be entered to win a Mural Package: a hand-painted IRL mural of their Cardolphins CNFT, plus another CNFT that’s a photo of the mural with its GPS coordinates in the metadata.

Our first mural, by local graffiti artist @Jekkkk_, is located at 8.63126 S, 115.13424 E in Bali.

view Rambo mural

The Kraken

The Kraken is a legendary undersea monster that has altered the fate of seafarers since the dawn of time. The Kraken is also our way to keep the Cardolphins project deflationary, evolving creatively, and valuable over the long-term.

Our Kraken Passes let Cardolphins holders do a variety of mythical things:

Feed your Cardolphins CNFTs to The Kraken to be digested and regurgitated to receive new, limited edition traits and mutations

Sacrifice your Cardolphins CNFTs to receive an entirely new CNFT—from Mint Mob or other projects in the CNFT community

Receive exclusive airdrops that can only be bestowed through the magic touch of The Kraken’s spiky tentacles

Other mysterious Kraken stuff that we’ll figure out later because the possibilities are endless

Drape Yourself In Dolphins To Reduce Ocean Plastic

We love the idea of Cardolphins merch, and we’ve reached out to several companies who make apparel out of recycled ocean plastic. The goal is to offer recycled ocean plastic apparel, bags, and physical canvases you can print your Cardolphins onto.

The Mint Mob

Cardolphins won’t be our last CNFT project. That’s why we’ve formed Mint Mob, a creative group dedicated to art, fashion, and collectibles for the blockchain and the metaverse. All Cardolphins CNFT hodlers will receive special perks and access to upcoming Mint Mob projects (which may or may not have anything to do with sea creatures).

Official Partners

Cardolphins wants to help real dolphins avoid the dark fate of capture, slaughter, and toxic pollution mutant death. We’re proud to support Dolphin Project with 5 ADA per Cardolphins CNFT and 1% royalty on every secondary sale.

Limited numbers of Cardolphins CNFTs will include a custom Degen Crypto Club lunch box, held in the Cardolphin's flipper. Fin fans of project crossovers rejoice!

We’ve loved the Soho Kids since they became the new kids on the blockchain, so several of their decapitated heads will be floating in a limited number of Cardolphins CNFTs.

The Mint

The mint will happen here on our website, in mid-February. The Cardolphins team will receive a 6% royalty on all secondary sales in perpetuity, to support Dolphin Project and the future of Cardolphins (5% for Cardolphins, 1% for Dolphin Project).

You can mint and hodl Cardolphins CNFTs with any wallet that supports native tokens on Cardano, AKA “Shelley-Era” wallets, including Daedalus, CCVault, Nami, ADALite, and Yoroi.

The Team

The Cardolphins are designed by 3D artist Akira Thompson and PDA.NYC, the creative studio founded by Aaron Mosher and David Yankelewitz. We've been making big things for big brands for years, and we're excited to be joining the CNFT community with this meaningful project. Stay tuned for more from us and The Mint Mob.

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